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As the only B737 flight simulator manufacturer, we run our own flight simulation centre (GearUP!), with one of our B737 FNPT II MCC FSTD approved by EASA for flight training.

In commercial operation since 2015, certified in 2018, this B737 FTD has accumulated over 10000 of flight hours, still counting. This state-of-the-art B737 simulator is also available for your airline or training organization for purchase or rental.

B737 FNPT II MCC FTD by simworld

Professional B737 flight simulator does not have to be a luxury good reserved only for large airlines! It does not require multimillion investments too! For a fraction of the price, simworld B737 FNPTII MCC simulator delivers great training value and allows for a number of different trainings and courses to be completed and approved by Aviation Authorities.

Fully compliant with EASA requirements - B737 FNPT II MCC FSTD

This B737 FTD simulator meets or exceeds the FNPT II MCC requirements contained in the CS-FSTD(A) document. Airline pilots are usually very surprised with all the details and functionality - unbelieveable at this price!, they say...

With our technical and aviation background and thanks to our Customers' feedback, we have engineered a state-of-the-art device, which looks nearly the same as the actual aircraft and is fully-functional. Just like our Customers, we hate dummy components which do not work when you expect them to do what they are supposed to do in the real aircraft.

Our team consists of pilots, including an airline B737 captain and type rating instructor. With his experience as a Head of Training at one of the largest European charter airline, our B737 FNPTII MCC flight simulator does not only meet EASA requirements but it exceeds them in most aspects.

A cost effective alternative to Full Flight Simulators

Times when the term 'flight simulator' described only motion flight simulators worth millions of dollars and available only for large airlines are over. Unless it is the type rating training, most part can be done on a lower level B737 FTD at a fraction of the price of a FFS's session.

And it is not only the introduction (acquisition) cost that is significantly lower. Same applies to operating and maintenance costs. The final bill is a small percentage of what using a FFS simulator instead would cost.

B737 FNPT II MCC FTD by simworld
B737 FNPT II MCC simulator

Possible training applications:

- MPL Course Phase 2

- IR, ME, MCC rating

- FMS, SOP, JOC courses

- pre-Type Rating training - Airline Assement - ATC/Maintenance Engineers Training

For these and a number of other trainings, our B737 FNPTII MCC FTD is just perfect, while using a full motion simulator (FFS) is no longer economically justified.

B737 FNPT II APS MCC simulator by simworld
B737 FNPT II MCC simulator

If you are looking for a B737 FNPT II MCC simulator for your airline or training organization, learn more here:


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