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Advanced B 737 Fixed Base Simulator - Seoul, Korea

This was a really exciting project and simworld is proud to be part of this story with our most advanced B737 flight simulator in Korea. The simulator features a full-size Instructor Operating Station and Electric Active Controls Loading System driven by hi-precision servomotors - just like the professional training simulators for airline pilots!

fixed base B737 simulator by simworld
B737 Flight Simulator Seoul

Rotate ( who is the Operator of this B737 FTD underlined that their goal was to open a flight simulator center with unique atmosphere and a fully-fledged heavy-duty jet airliner flight simulator to provide the most advanced and the most immersive pilot experience. To this end, the simulator has been equipped with professional (training) line of control panels with OEM switches, OEM Quick Donning Oxygen Masks for pilots, Circuit Breakers Panels behind the pilot's seat and the Electric Active Controls Loading System for pitch, roll and yaw with OEM B737 flight controls. The Instructor Operating Station (attached behind the flight deck) encloses the device and creates immersive training environment which eliminates any distractions from the outer world.

The venue located in the vicinity of Gimpo airport with its state-of-the-art B737 simulator is open and available to aviation entusiasts too. Rotate offers not only recreational flights but also a number of trainings and courses for commercial pilots, airline preparation and much more. Don't miss it if you live or travel in Korea!

Thinking BIG! The owners, who fly a B737 in real life, already have visions of future expansion. The venue houses another simulator of C172 general aviation airplane and there are plans to expand the fleet with new devices in the near future. Cooperation with professionals, such as airlines based at the nearby Gimpo airport, will ultimately pave their way to certified flight training as the simulator will be approved for it by the Civil Aviation Authority. With their B737NG simulator, Rotate confirms that"sky is (not) the limit"...

If you like this project, you can see more details on our B 737 fixed base simulator here.


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