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B737 Flight Training Device for airline training - Tokyo, Japan

Professional B737 Flight Simulator does not have to be a luxury good reserved only for large airlines! This project proves that the innovative approach to airline training, does not require multimillion investments too! For a fraction of the price, simworld B737 FTD delivers great training value, confirmed in actual flight training by our professional Customers.

B737 FTD by simulator
B737 FTD simulator

A cost effective alternative to expensive type specific B 737 FTD

Times when the term 'flight simulator' described only motion flight simulators worth millions of dollars and available only for large airlines are over. For ab-initio airline training, cockpit familiarization, SOP, FMS training and a number of other trainings, using expensive approved B737 FTD or FFS is economically not justified. At a fraction of the acquisition, operating and maintenance costs, simworld delivers the B737 flight training device which is fully functional and is a great training aid for all pilots.

A variety of training applications

Using the simworld B737 fixed base simulator, allows a number of different trainings to be completed at students' own pace and with unlimited number of repetitions and changing scenarios.

Typical application in flight training includes but is not limited to: ab-initio training, SOP, FMS, JOC, airline assessment, TCAS excercises, severe weather and low visibility operations. Scenarios can be easily adjusted by the Instructor to specific student's needs.

Training feedback

What we want to emphasize is that the entry level of FFS training has been improved, and can be performed more efficiently than ever. - Solaseed Air

Compared to the touch panel type B737 FTD, the simworld cockpit is highly reproduced.

The B737 cockpit is almost the same as the real and FFS. As a result, we can concentrate on the training and the trainees clearly improved their procedure. I believe that it is a great advantage being able to operate this B737 FTD without a sense of discomfort.

One year has passed since the introduction, the results are turning out great. Our B737 flight simulator is used over 700 hours a year as a self-study by trainees and crews, and we received positive feedback from them.

Moreover, we are also satisfied with the easiness of the daily care - we only need to turn on the  power!

B737 FTD flight simulator by simworld
B737 FTD flight simulator

If you like this project, you can see more details on our B 737 fixed base simulator here.


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