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B737 motion flight simulator - Berlin, Germany

This project was special for several reasons. It was not purely commercial but had some social help dimension, it was not a fixed-base but a motion B737 flight simulator and it was installed at Tempelhof Airport - a symbol in aviation history.

B737 motion flight simulator by simworld
B737 motion flight simulator

Our main market and a flagship product has always been the turnkey fixed base B737 flight simulator. We never really looked at building motion flight simulators which, unlike many people think, is not a fixed base flight simulator just running on a motion platform. But when we got an opportunity to participate in this project and explore new skies, we said 'Yes!'.

Same but different

Many people believe that to make a motion flight simulator, you only need to put a fixed base B737 simulator on a motion platform. And this is a recipe for disaster...

If the project must guarantee reliability, uptime and safety, it is time for professionals to get involved. Motion simulator must meet increased requirements for structural strength. Remember that unlike B737 fixed base simulator, a motion device is in constant move - it shakes, rotates and vibrates. Repeat this hundreds of times, every day for several years and now you have a picture.

To become a motion flight simulator and stand vibrations and accelerations, a fixed base B737 flight simulator must be properly upgraded and ruggedized. Otherwise it will be gradually falling apart. The key is to know how to do it and for what parts.

Is your house earthquake proof? Everything must be purpose-built to serve the purpose.

Make it move!

After few weeks of redesigning and prototyping, the motion-compatible solution finally materialized. The hardware was installed inside the cockpit shell, lifted onto a motion platform and properly secured. It was time to do the runup and first tests. This was a totally new experience to all of our team to see our B737 flight simulator, usually a fixed-base device, move as we fly... Simply amazing!

Lessons learnt

It has been several years now since that B737 flight simulator took off for the first time. It is still flying and still in one piece! If you are looking for a motion B737 flight simulator, we will be happy to use our expertise and know-how again and build one for you. Fully professional 6DOF motion platforms that we use, can meet requirements of the most demanding Customers as well as regulatory requirements for safety standards and aviation training.


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