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B737 Fixed Base Flight Simulator - Boston MA, USA

This was our first project across the Pond (the Atlantic Ocean). It was exciting to explore this new and distant location. This B737 Flight Simulator has been in successful commercial operation since 2017. Fully-functional, immersive and suitable for enthusiasts and professionals with maximum uptime - this is simworld!

B737 fixed base flight simulator by simworld
B737 turnkey flight simulator

Some people believe that building a B737 flight simulator is easy and everyone can do it, using widely available parts for home cockpit building. As a hobby, it may be nice to experiment and learn new things. If you have limited resources and unlimited time or simply love doing things your way, it might be a great adventure too. But if you want the B737 simulator to be the backbone of your business, leave it to the professionals who know how to build a robust, reliable and easy to operate B737 flight simulator to serve you for years.

Uptime and support

For a healthy business you do want to work with reliable partners. Things do go wrong but all you need is the problem-solving oriented approach. This is what simworld definitely delivers with their B737 turnkey flight simulator.

The uptime is definitely one of the most criticial factors to keep your business healthy. Especially in its early stage you cannot afford fighting with the simulator to work or fighting with the supplier to provide support. Your main focus should be gaining Customers and taking all opportunities to grow. It is impossible when the simulator is grounded. One of simworld's greatest hallmarks is reliable hardware and responsive support team. So even if something goes wrong, simworld provides support usually on the same day.

We had some natural concerns regarding support and warranty but the distance turned out to not be a problem!

Realizm and functionality

This B737 flight simulator sees a lot of commercial pilots, often airline pilots with B737 type rating. The level of functionality and immersion is not much different than what the most expensive B737 FTD can offer. So naturally the visitors sometimes forget that they are 'only' in a fixed-base entertainment B737 simulator which costs a fraction of the price of an EASA / FAA approved B737 FTD. But still everything is functional without any dummy parts, switches, lights or gauges.

B737 turnkey flight simulator by simworld
B737 fixed base flight simulator

If you like this project, you can see more details on our B 737 fixed base simulator here.

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