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B737 Turnkey Flight Simulator - Glasgow, UK

This is by far one of the best commercial projects we have seen. The owner is a B737NG pilot who pays incredible attention to details and realizm! It was not easy to satisfy his requirements but the final results are awe-inspiring and this B737 flight simulator is receiving extremely positive reviews. We are proud to be a part of this project.

fixed base B737 simulator by simworld
turnkey B737 fixed base simulator

This is one of the best examples of how one can use our B737 simulator. Suitable for pilots for advanced training, airline assessment preparation, hassle-free training of emergency situations and more. Suitable for aviation enthusiasts who really want to immerse themselves and become a pilot for a day. Finally suitable for corporations as an unusual tool for team building and event agencies to provide unique experience to their customers.

Unique place with unique team The owner, who is a B737 pilot did not spare any effort to make his B737 flight simulator and venue stand out. First guests had booked their flights long before the grand opening! Owner's passion and his customer-oriented approach allowed it to grow strong every month.

Being a Boeing 737 airline pilot, I am fortunately in a position to compare the simulator to the real thing. Products offered by simworld would make for a robust B737 FNPTII or FBPT for any school or company looking to invest into a training simulator. - Dave Boyle, owner

From zero to hero

Ascent Aviation in Glasgow has been on the map since 2018 but since day one it was clear, it would not be yet-another pilot-experience place. In 2019, after just over a year in operation, Ascent Aviation won Scotland's Business Award for 'the Best Training and Education Business"!

The simulator is receiving extremely good feedback from visitors too but also a team of airline pilots, known as SimulatorReview has confirmed in a review that:

Ascent Aviation is an impressive venue to what is an extremely professional and well-run simulator centre.

and awarded them a 'Featured Venue' badge. Full review can be found here:

turnkey B737 simulator by simworld
fixed base turnkey B737 simulator

If you like this project, you can see more details on our B 737 fixed base simulator here.

Simworld is proud to be a part of Ascent Aviation's success story, being a supplier for their fixed base B 737 simulator. You can read more on their website and social media:


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