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B737 FTD simulator in OEM nose cut

Special project completed in cooperation with a European airline's flight academy.

turnkey B737 fixed base simulator by simworld
B737 flight simulator

Project like this has always been our dream. Since all of our hardware has been designed to be a near-exact replica of the actual B737 flight deck, we welcomed the opportunity to verify the designs of our B737 simulator by retrofitting our avionics in a real aircraft's nose!

See how we managed.

An older sister.

This B737 FTD project was based on a retired B737 Classic airplane, which is not an exact match with the B737 Next Generation family. But we do love challenges!

Even though most of our B737 flight simulator parts fit easily and with only little adjustments required, the main difference was in the rudder pedals, the CDU Bay and the interior liners.

If you think cutting in metal is a walk in the park, try to face the aviation alloy of aluminium!

A number of tools was broken while fighting with the heavy parts to finally give up.

B737 fixed base simulator by simworld
B737 fixed base simulator

Retrofitting the avionics and interior

Having done the heavy metal part, we retrofit this old B737 flight deck with our B737 flight simulator parts: control panels, flight controls and interior trim. After all the previous hassle, this was definitely the easiest part and the final result was just stunning!

The airplane reborn

Last part was to fire everything up, configure this newly-built B 737 simulator hardware and software, do the necessary callibration and carefully test the completed FTD.

After few weeks of hard work, we could finally see it get a second life and celebrate!

B737 turnkey simulator by simworld
B737 flight simulator

If you like this project, you can see more details on our B 737 FNPT II MCC simulator here.


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